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February 6, 2015
By asia.tvnis BRONZE, Kent, Washington
asia.tvnis BRONZE, Kent, Washington
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Although I have never seen your face,
Although I have never heard your voice,
Although I have never touched our skin,
I long for it.
I want to see the green of your eyes,
The freckles on your cheeks,
The crookedness of your smile.
I want to hear the rasp of your voice,
The way you laugh,
The way you say you love me.
I want to feel the softness of your skin,
The features of your face,
The strength of your embrace.
But I have never known you.
How can I be nostalgic for something I have never had?
Something I have never experienced?
I sit here alone but all I do is think of you.
I know you are out there somewhere,
But I don’t know exactly where.
I do not know your name.
But somehow you are the one thing keeping me alive.
In all of this loneliness,
My own little puddle of despair,
I think of you.
And you are the reason I keep fighting.

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