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February 16, 2015
By Cuddles77 GOLD, Easley, South Carolina
Cuddles77 GOLD, Easley, South Carolina
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"Live simply so others can simply live."

You’re ugly... beautiful*
You’re pathetic... wonderful*
You’re worthless... worth it*
You’re fat...  Your weight doesn’t define you*
You’re a loser... successful*
You’re a b****... sweet*
You’re stupid... smart*
You’re a mistake... here for a reason*
You’re fake... the realest it gets*
You have an ugly smile... a beautiful smile*
Your laugh is annoying... unique*
You’re annoying... outgoing*
No one likes you... People DO like you.*
None of your friends actually like you... They do like you; they wouldn’t be your friends if they didn’t.*
No boy or girl will ever like you... A boy or girl will one day like you, soon.*
They just use you... They don’t use you, they’re just stupid. *
No one cares for you... People will always care for you.*
You’re not talented... talented in some way. *
People just lie to you... People really wouldn't lie about your talent, if they do, don’t care for their opinion then.*
You’re just… worthless... worth it, one hundred percent. You are here for a reason, and always believe that. *

The author's comments:

This is to all of the people who get bullied. I know people get called worst things than this, but this is a poem to let you know that you're all worth it... Don't let the disgusting words get to you. 

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