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February 25, 2015
By UnknownSoul GOLD, Worcester, Massachusetts
UnknownSoul GOLD, Worcester, Massachusetts
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I'm not convinced, mom,

I don't know where to go.

Your sadness is hurting me, mom,

I think we've really hit a low.


I'm not siding with him, mom,

I know it's not fair.

Your smile helps me, mom,

so please, be the smile you'd share.


I won't let him take me, mom,

he will not make you fall.

Your strength shows me, mom,

that you'll rise against them all. 


I know they can be mean, mom,

but you can't let them win.

This will be hard, mom,

you may even need to 'sin'.


You can do this, mom,

I believe you can.

I'll be right behind you, mom,

on the podium you will stand.


I'm not convinced, mom.

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