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beauty in the eye

May 4, 2015
By radicalchickster DIAMOND, Jericho, New York
radicalchickster DIAMOND, Jericho, New York
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"Never, ever, ever give up."

Your eyes are light green, but murky. I wonder what she said, her dark semi melted chocolate eyes bordering on distress. .. I wonder if she knew the whole time. While she was hugging the shining glossy brown heads of her children whilst wasting away to a skeleton in bed, I wonder if she knew all the secrets you harbored. You, sly villain,  you with a toothy smirk and dapper ensemble. Did you ever think for a second it was wrong?  Or were yo u just too smitten with her pouty lips and I'll admit it, hypnotic seafoam eyes?  But did that make it okay? The answer is no, and you should be ashamed, as anxiety plagues me at this hour.

The author's comments:

Inspired by something I witnessed in my lifetime.

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