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When the Light Fades

May 8, 2015
By UltimateZeldafan SILVER, Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania
UltimateZeldafan SILVER, Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"light is only a brighter dark, while dark is the only thing that will remain."- Jay Johnston
"Its not about the mask you wear to fit in, but about the face underneath"- Majora`s Mask 3DS
"Here`s for all who died, and to the next man to die to!"- N/A

Light, it is always is here,
It always shines,
Always bright,
But I always ask,
Why is there LIGHT,
And what if…..
What if it went out…..
What will happen WHEN it goes out,
What will happen,
What will become of us,
Will we be safe,

When the light, fades...

The author's comments:

Like my other poem, this one is kind of philisophical. We always see light, and we almost all enjoy seeing it. I then thought, however, when the light starts to fade, life will start to fade as well. Think about it: Plants need sunlight to make oxygen, Humans need oxygen to live and light to see in the dark.

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