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Only hands, doors

May 28, 2015
By artistinda_lonelily SILVER, Joliet, Illinois
artistinda_lonelily SILVER, Joliet, Illinois
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Of other lives:
I was given three wishes and
I used them on fantasies
her lungs gasped for pollution

you don’t return my favors

you are still...

we’re scared of growing up, to old, to
grow hold, growing holding,


I should have cured it myself
more hours
keep on your shoes,
they’re leaving soon, ride
in my car..

crawling fingers and knees-
hold the child and be sad
don’t you dare get in,
I swear I’m
barely there

trust my feet to press
the tails of their trails of their
treat it with sass and sarcasm and irony and laugh at your own f****** jokes and realize you’re laughing alone.
..the one who instructs is not supposed to,

I swear to god if you
get in
I swear to god
and still he prays I open
my only, only hands, doors,
you’re too morose, rose

how could you know
and don’t you try, tire of,
dry me
out, look at her face I told you she
wears her heart on her

there it goes again and
you can’t ride with me
bring up the casual afternoon with you.

The author's comments:

Soul-speak, a letter.

Rates and comments are appreciated!

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