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June 1, 2015
By OdysseyChild PLATINUM, Clermont, Florida
OdysseyChild PLATINUM, Clermont, Florida
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I am a citizen of the world, an a student of the universe.

Who am I?

I am Nathanel.

The inventor,futurist, enlightend, Nathanel.

I wear my hair down in locks that lye on my neck.

I wear skirts on top of shorts an boy pants.

I dance freely, therre is no way I would rather be.

Come out of your closets,admit to yur abuse,lead lifes true.

I, Nathanel wear mitch match shoes,instagram gives me the blues;and no I don't like other dudes!

Braclets conceal my wrist,an my holed destressed shorts an fringe vest give me enough support.

Black eyeliner graces my face,an boots with a two inch heel get me from place to place.

I am Nathanel,the cochella boy Nathanel.

Fearfull of my father, Nathanel.

My nails are painted blue as I exit the door.

My eyes shimmer an evaporate water.

My fathers only son, not a soul of a sibling I have.

I walk to the door leaving for life.

My father stops me, there I cry.

He sezies my hand;my nails blue.

Electric an shimmering like the ocean they glew.

My father looks at my nails, he dosen't say a word.

He kisses my knuckle.

I mumble no word.

A back glance an a brief smile lead me into life.

I, Nathanel am not gay.

Emune to gender norms, I play.

I am the one an only Nathanel.

I am only Nathanel.

The author's comments:

This was inspired by the boys out there who dare rewrite tridition.An a very special young man named Jaden Smith.

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