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His Hoax

June 9, 2015
By wooldhoot GOLD, Longmont, Colorado
wooldhoot GOLD, Longmont, Colorado
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Your words are like knives
And you’re not really saying anything mean
It’s just the sound of your voice
And I can hear the words so clearly
The words that hurt so badly
Just kinda bouncing around in my head
It makes me want to scream
Because you don’t seem to care
You didn’t seem to care
You never cared
And all I can whisper is
How could you?
Because I know the girl you hurt
Quite well actually
She was sweet and naive
Awkward and anxious
Desperately in love with a boy
Who she thought was unattainable
But turned out to apparently
Feel the same way she did
Except he didn’t
He pretended
He faked
He lied
And it hurt her heart more
Than anything she’d ever felt
So even though he says nothing mean now
What he said before
The thing where he revealed the hoax
That’s what hurt
And now she hears that whenever he speaks
Clear and defined as the night
Where he broke her heart
And left it there to bleed out
When really if he had just told her the truth to start
We would have never gotten here
In the first place

The author's comments:

I guess I just didn't say anything at the time, and even though it's months and months later, I feel like it needs to be said. It's not really about what you guys think of it, it's just me getting my feelings out into the world.

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