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Ode to a Perfect Face

July 21, 2015
By Kati312 SILVER, Parede, Other
Kati312 SILVER, Parede, Other
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The softness of a young girl’s voice reminds me of another
Before the cough came who could sing like no other
Beneath the contour in her chin and the smooth of her skin
Was a girl who felt she could never win
I remember this girl, as I look to the stars
Constellations danced on her skin, but to her they were scars
Though each step she would take, was always with grace
She couldn’t appreciate the perfect face
As strong winds blew, and smoke filled the air
The townspeople slowly lost their stare
And although she said she never truly did care,
Her days soon grew slowly into despair

And now as I approach this poor girl’s reflection
Skin withered and wrinkled, far from perfection
For the twinkle that once was in her eyes
Along with her spirit, has slowly died
The structure of her bones, her body and teeth
Reflect what her struggles make her feel beneath
My sands had run out a long time ago
And only now, looking at this girl do I know
The value of the words a wise woman once told
To think of them now, makes my body grow cold
She said, “For a perfect face may soon go away
The beauty of one will forever stay”
So for now I’ll tell a story I could never quite embrace?And savor the beauty, of a perfect face?

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