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Time (What Would Happen)

July 21, 2015
By Kati312 SILVER, Parede, Other
Kati312 SILVER, Parede, Other
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There is a shadow I follow everywhere
And though I don’t know where it’s going
I am forced to follow in its footsteps
I lead after this thing that really,
is nothing
They say the shadow flies, but where to?
What am I following,
where am I going
And though I know that I will never find the origins,
or the future of my shadow,
i just keep following.
And it’s constant pace, whether slow or fast
is unreachable
I will never grasp the shadow, I can never hold it down
But I will keep chasing, I’ll keep trying to catch up

It is oblivious, to the control it has over me
Ignorant to the effects of its wrath
Deaf to our screams, to our cries
But no matter how tiring it is to chase the shadow
No matter how lifeless it makes my zombied body feel
No matter how much it messes with my mind
I keep following
And sometimes I wonder what would happen if I just stopped
What would happen if I turned around
and I walked the other way
If i stopped following the shadow
Where would I go?

From time to time the shadow, it just sits down
When it sits, it stays still
and I am forced to become paralyzed
I am held down by the wrath of this shadow
Powerless to get up, I can’t move
I am frozen in time
And with every tap of my foot,
the milliseconds stay numb
and still with every breath that I take,
the shadow will always stay put
and every time I blink my eye,
I see the same exact thing,
my surroundings they refuse to change
Does the shadow not realize,
what I have turned into
because of it holding me down,
because of the shackles it has forced me to carry
because of the slave it has made me become
And sometimes I wonder what would happen if I got up
If i broke free from the shackles, free from it’s grasp
If I got up and walked away from the shadow,
Because I know that I could, but I won’t and I can’t
And neither can you
Because no, it is not just me
and what would happen if we broke free
If we said no to becoming zombies
If we said no to becoming slaves
If we questioned the shadow for putting a limit to our memories
For putting numbers to measure the worth of our lives
Where would we be?
If we disabled this figment of our imaginations
instead, imagined the possibilities,
the opportunities
What would happen if we opened our eyes
If we began to realize
The barriers that it’s control has set over our lives
What would happen?

The author's comments:

This is a spoken word poem

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