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July 30, 2015
By ThePoeticJustice PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
ThePoeticJustice PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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My heart is like an animal, and you, my love, the tamer.
You are the very glue that holds me together, and I think you know it. From the first time I saw you pass me in the hallway, I knew that our souls would somehow connect, and you were to be my other soul, my other part, a new me.
Did you feel it too? Did you know what it was I was feeling? Because I felt like you did. From your shy laugh to your sullen conversation, all of you intrigued me, and you didn’t even have to try. I knew I was probably a few numbers down on your list, but this wasn’t the lottery for us, we were meant, and ironically it took longer for us both to recognize it and shorter for us to separate, yet still be together in spirit.
When I saw you that day, and you saw me, I knew the flame was reconnected as if it were fed into the very pit of which it would burn and multiply for all eternity, a new born flame for a newly forged love.
We are the fire
I the flame
You the fuel
Yet neither is effective without the other, for what is a flame without its fuel? It’s a mere spark, one whose heat may be felt for mere half instances and leaving a forsaken light to show its treachery. No, that wilt not be us this here day.
You and I know what this is; an intermission to us is actually a life-time to the world. Let us glide on the wind that we produce through the rotations of our natural axis, rotating around each other like dance partners, yet no sport do we see this as.
You’ve asked before what my hidden intentions were, and I was honest with it, I have none. Yet because of the cracks in your heart and the chips taken off of your acceptance and pride, you refuse me. But I’ll be patient, waiting for you like the crops wait on the sun for their nourishments, but don’t keep me waiting too long lest you drive my soul away from you.
Now do you see it? I am truer than a fable told by the witness, you can put trust in me. But no, you don’t see me the way I do. Over time I may be able to break down your barriers, but not at once. And when that time comes, when I miraculously pass your tests, I want you to look me in my eyes, smile that beautiful smile and speak to me.
“My love, his love, her love, their former, my current, and their never seen future. Love me like I love you, for now that I see into you my air is lighter and my courage raised because I know that I have you backing me no matter what. Thank you for the love, for without it I would not have managed. Kiss me like you do, that way I can feel your heat adding to mine as if this were addition.”
And I would kiss you. I’d watch you bite your lip as if you were confused and make you believe what you have seen, the true love of a king, a god, a lover, your lover. That one that sees you as a friend that is closer than the rest will ever get, that one that keeps your secrets passed the grave, past eternity, past indefinitely and all the way until the end. Your shoulder filled with the tears you cry and the confessions that you spoke. Your necessary outside view in every situation you require me, and your third-party vote against whatever you deem unfit for you.
Love me like you do and we shall be fine, for your delicious love is all my taste-buds have ever, ever desired.

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This is really a throwback for me, I made it for a friend a while ago and just forgot to share it lol

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