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Death of Another Kingdom

August 23, 2015
By lbonkygirl BRONZE, Greeneville, Tennessee
lbonkygirl BRONZE, Greeneville, Tennessee
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I don’t bask in the sunshine;
Instead I breathe in the smell of pine
Sitting in the shadows I am content
Prepared to stay where I am until the last moment
News flows into my ears via the gentle breeze
It makes me sad for the vulnerable trees

The roots of the trees cradle my body
And I can’t help but to feel sorry
I am powerless to do anything but enjoy
The last visit before they start to destroy
Destroy a place so peaceful and innocent
A place where all should be able to feel infinite

I read from the sacrifice of the trees’ ancestors
Of strange worlds full of adventures
As the pages regale me of times long ago
I realize sadly it’s time to go

Humans ever land greedy
Take what they want freely
I will not see my secret spot again
All because of short sighted men
Hundreds of years will fall away

The giants fall for they cannot disobey
An echo of despair sounds throughout the wood
As a kingdom that once proudly stood
Is taken untimely at its prime
Trees are supposed to stand the test of time
And yet in front of me they bow to the enemy,
As I weep from the irony of this insanity

They do not cry out or yell
But I do as the men break the spell
Another forest gone in a blink
I cannot dare to try and think
The agony Mother Nature must feel
As another kingdom is brought to kneel
The machines stop screaming
The men are now leaving
I am alone with the spirits of the wood
I still see where the kings once stood 
All that is left is carnage and their legacy
Man is a disease bred by entropy
I cannot stay in this graveyard
When I see how badly it has been scarred
I turn around and walk from this place
A place that has fallen from grace

The author's comments:

The Earth is our home and we need to start treating it with respect if we want to keep it. Guaranteed a breath of fresh air, a walk in the woods, or just a day relaxing outside can make anyone understand the beauty of nature and the necessity of conservation. 

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on Aug. 27 2015 at 1:47 pm
HorseKrazy SILVER, Melrose, Montana
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Favorite Quote:
Whatever you are, be a good one.
-Abraham Lincoln

This is beautiful! I love the message and the flow of the words.