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Cracks in the sidewalk

September 4, 2015
By ___averylynn_____ SILVER, Waterford, Michigan
___averylynn_____ SILVER, Waterford, Michigan
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Look closely at the present you are constructing. It should look like the future you are dreaming. - Alice Walker.
What you wear is your billboard. So, what are you advertising?

You may think I'm being dramatic. 

I probably am. 

But one thng I know for sure is that I liked you. 

And I'm crushed because I thought you did too. 

But little did you know... you didn't.  

You just need confirmation from me to know that you still liked her. 

I was like a test run. 

Like "maybe I still like her, but I'm going to try out a new girl just in case". 

And I get that your intentions weren't ill,

but they hit me like a bullet.  

It was unexpected, like being punched in the stomach. 

Like you jumped off a boat and realized you couldn't swim.  

And let me tell you, it took a lot for me to look past my anxiety and constant state of panic. 

It's hard for me to stop overanalyzing everything. 

But somehow,

for a bliss moment,

you managed to get me to stop counting my steps. 

You managed to get me to stop thinking about cracks in the sidewalk, 

and the catastrophic events that were going to happen because I stepped on that crack. 

And I know you can't help your feelings and you can't fake them... 

but couldn't you just try?

Fade out like the rest of them do?

I'd rather be blind to reality than shut off to my feelings.

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