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Goliath Wins

October 8, 2015
By probablynotadalek SILVER, Frederick, Colorado
probablynotadalek SILVER, Frederick, Colorado
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In the real world, Goliath wins
David does not step forward from the army
He hides in it
Hoping that if he stands still enough
He will be looked over
But he can’t help the quaking of his armor
Goliath points his hand
At the boy who looks most afraid
and roars
‘That one’
David does not move
He is pushed from the crowd
David is not brave
David is called out

He steps forward
Armed with a slingshot and a pebble
Knowing that this could be his finest hour
Or it could be his downfall
Now he has no choice but to make a stand
He aims his weapon
Goliath taunts him
Seeing into David’s heart
Pointing out every flaw David already sees in himself
David’s aim wavers
And Goliath laughs
As the pebble bounces off of his forehead
David is down before Goliath throws a second punch

The army parts before the giant
And when David finally wakes
He is alone
Goliath is sitting on the throne

David can’t go outside
Because Goliath spread the story of
David the giant
Who sent armies running
Who Goliath took down with a single heroic blow
Goliath made himself a hero
David’s people make him a king
The army who cowered behind David
Doesn’t want to become him
So they stay silent

David loses hope
The emptiness around him has become
His only company
He molds it into a crown
Presses the thorns into his head
And pulls the trigger

Meanwhile Goliath
Wears a crown of gold
A crown meant for David
Because in the real world
Goliath wins

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