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December 14, 2015
By AppleJacks_801 SILVER, West Valley, Utah
AppleJacks_801 SILVER, West Valley, Utah
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I look out the window, and shed a tear.
I know that I am not allowed to leave.
I am stuck here, I am trapped.
Never able to go outside again.
I can’t feel how the grass feels under my toes,
I can’t feel the cool stream against my legs.
I won’t be able to feel the sun beating down on me.
I won’t be able to feel free, because I am trapped.
Stuck with these white walls inclosing around me.
Stuck here looking out this window.
I now know what it’s like to be a prisoner.
I was kidnapped, never to be with the ones I love.
I want to break free from these chains.
I am not strong enough, I am very week.
The screams that leave my sore throat.
Never going to be heard, because I am trapped.
I beg, I plead to be free once again.
I am a prisoner, never to be freed.
I will be forgotten forever, in this cold room.
Never to go outside again.

The author's comments:

I came up with this watching a movie. A girl was kidnapped for ten years. She felt lossed and scared. She thought she would never be freed.

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