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I want to learn to!

December 14, 2015
By AppleJacks_801 SILVER, West Valley, Utah
AppleJacks_801 SILVER, West Valley, Utah
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I sit listen to what the teacher says.
Nothing he says make sense.
In math letters with numbers,
And History the wars that happened.
The science about how plants make oxygen.
Everything they says is like a foreign language.
I don’t understand what they are saying.
I try and pay as much attention as possible.
I sit and ask questions, but they make me feel dumb.
I study every night, but it doesn’t help.
I stay after school, and spend hours with a tutor.
But I can’t learn what they teach me.
I am lost, confused, and feeling stupid.
Why can’t I learn like the other kid’s?
I want to be smart like them to.
I try, and try, but nothing happens.
Will I ever be able to learn like them?
Will I ever have the chance to be smart?

The author's comments:

I feel that I am not able to learn like the other kids are able to. I am at a much slower pace then they are. I spend so much time trying to catch up with what is being written on the bored. I hope that I will be able to catch up to what everyone else is learning.

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