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600 and Counting

January 2, 2016
By wooldhoot GOLD, Longmont, Colorado
wooldhoot GOLD, Longmont, Colorado
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He has 600 friends
At least
According to Facebook
But I can’t help but feel lonely
Staring at that number
Because how
How can you have 600 friends?
Not acquaintances
Not people you just met in the hallway
Of your high school
But true friends
Friends you know you can go to
At 2 AM
Because you’re crying
And feeling particularly
And there is no way he has 600 friends


He has 600 friends
And I only have about 5
I consider true friends
5 I know will be there
No matter the circumstances
I know the boy with 600 friends
And he is not one of my 5
He feels cold and lonely
He is desperate for attention
He is swimming in a sea of people
A sea of people who
Do not actually consider him
A friend

He has 600 friends
But many I have talked to
Do not consider him a friend
His exes know all too well
He doesn’t confide in people
And without confiding
How can you have
A single person that is
A true friend?


He has 600 friends
Yet despite the constant presence
Of his overly loud voice
Despite the mounds of people
Who say they worship him
But act otherwise
Despite all the jokes
And his constant desire
To be the center of all attention
He is the loneliest
And most friendless
Person I have
Ever met

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