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January 16, 2016
By bruisedmemories ELITE, Birdsboro, Pennsylvania
bruisedmemories ELITE, Birdsboro, Pennsylvania
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A reflection of flaws

awakes my inner soul

and screams out with insecurity

as I am far from perfect.


However, I laugh

with crooked teeth

and childish dimples

as they collide with my smile.




Because I'm sick of dying

one cell at a time

as I pick myself apart

from the inside out.


I have hit rock bottom

and drowned in abuse,




and grief.


I should get credit

for not allowing

these emotions

to control my sanity.


I should get credit

for waking up

to the sun's light

every. single. morning.


I should get credit

for each time

I touched a metal blade,

but refused to let it touch me.


I should get credit

for never giving up

even when I felt like

there was no hope.


I should get credit

for all the strength

it took me to survive

the past sixteen years.


I should get credit.


I'm sick and tired

of pulling myself down

rather than lifting

my head up toards the sky


and I beg every last person in this world to do the same.

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