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February 29, 2016
By TeenWolf45 SILVER, Grahmsville, New York
TeenWolf45 SILVER, Grahmsville, New York
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There was this girl,

She was as quiet as a mouse.

She never spoke her mind,

She was quiet all the time.


She was not like anyone else,

She was shy and felt like an outsider.

She never raised her hand,

She had to be called on to answer questions.


She never talked to anyone,

But her best friend.

Her best freind kept encouarging her to speak her mind,

she didnt listen.


Her best friend told her,

You can change the world by just using your voice.

After some encouraging,

She finally listened.


She started raisng her hand more,

She was never quiet again.

She talked and talked,

No-one could keep her quiet.


After she graduated school,

She wrote a letter to New York times.

They sent a letter back,

Saying she could work for them.


After working for them for a while,

She became a journalist.

Without her best friend,

She wouldnt be where she is today.


All you need is a little courage to do something great.

The author's comments:

I mostly wrote this because, people never speak there mind because no-one is there to encourage them to do something. So encourage someone to do something.

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BriCake SILVER said...
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BriCake SILVER, Sundown, NY, New York
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