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sitting on the sea

March 4, 2016
By daydreamer67 SILVER, Grahamsville, New York
daydreamer67 SILVER, Grahamsville, New York
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I'll be stiting on the sea

You be right there next to me

You're trying to make me laugh

I have a heart but with you gone it's only half


You're trying to make me smile 

But i won't be doing that in a while

You're trying to make the time pass by 

But don't you see the tear in my eye


I'll be sitting on the sea 

Ours memories still linger with me

You're trying to hold me while i'm crying

Because inside of me is dying


Your starting to fade away 

But i won't you to stay 

But i guess it isn't up to me 


I never got to say goodbye...i love you...or i'll miss you


The last time i saw you was the nigth before

The doctor wouldn't let me in the door

I will never get to see you again

I don't want your life to end


you never got to teach me thing i needed to know

People always say, "It was her time to go"

But i don't want to go with the flow

My heart is trying to grow


A couple years later... it like i can't remember her face

I can hear my heart race

Because i'm about to cry 

But i want my eyes to stay dry


I'll be sitting on the sea...


Not a day goes by, that i don't think about you

I'll will always miss you take a clue

My heart is pumping red not blue


I'll be sitting on the sea 

Still wishing you were still here next to me





Now i didn't get to tell you this while you were 

alive so i tell you now

goodbye i love you 

and thank you.

The author's comments:

I did this peom for the 8th grade poetry slam 

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