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Coming Out

May 5, 2016
By Liyah15 SILVER, Hammond, Indiana
Liyah15 SILVER, Hammond, Indiana
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My identity is what I hide

So that no one can deny 

Taking me away from the things that I love

Taking me from way high up above

Putting me in a place of hate

Somewhere I can't relate

My sexuality is what I fear 

Hopefully they don't come near

Girls Girls are everywhere

It's not my fault that I stare 

Their beauty and smile

I think I should wait a while

Oh no I think it's coming

I sit back humming

I can't take it anymore

"I'm Gay Hooray"

I have no more to say

I came out what a relief

It was such a grief

My identity is what I hide

Now no one can deny.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece because there was a day in my life where my stepmom found out I was gay. She told me I was too pretty for that and it wasn't right. Ever since that day I felt that it was bad and I would hide it from people. Now that I look at it I don't care anymore. If she can't accept oh well. When she told me it that made me feel worthless and now I don't know.

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