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When You Loved Me

July 8, 2016
By Ghostwriter92 PLATINUM, Salt Lake City, Utah
Ghostwriter92 PLATINUM, Salt Lake City, Utah
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"Your life is a gift. Accept it. No matter how screwed up or how painful it seems to be. Somethings are going to work out as if they were destined to happen... As if they were just meant to be"

You were my first

What a grand feeling it was

You made me feel like I was on top of the world

You praised me, cared for me, loved me

You made me feel like I mattered

You said I was beautiful

You put meaning into my life

So what happened?

Why the beating, why the curse words, why the sexual abuse?

You were my first

I felt worthless

You punched me, kicked me, raped me

You made me feel useless, helpless, unwanted

You said I was a waste

You, yes you, ruined my life and for that I'll never be the same when you did love me

You were my first

You were my last

The author's comments:

It is awful what happens with those sweet men and women who are in abusive relationships.  Love is better when you both are treated with love, kindness, respect, and all the goodness.

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