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August 13, 2016
By radicalchickster DIAMOND, Jericho, New York
radicalchickster DIAMOND, Jericho, New York
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"Never, ever, ever give up."

"you're so beautiful"
morphed into cold, stale silence
on the line of my phone
segued into 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'
playing out in real life
you used to touch my face
and smile
like I was the only, single thing
that had been made you really happy
in a long, long time
then the lighter side of everything
the hot scorching sun of our passion
a spotlight which we both used to always
bask under together-
that bulb shattered
under the pressure
of saying and doing things
that weren't right to you
even with all the heinous acts
you had committed;
you still held everything against me
you pinned me to a cork board
like I was a rare insect
you were trying to study
under your microscopic gaze.
Then, while all else failed,
and I the experiment,
didn't give the result you wanted,
you put me back into a bottle
and left me to rot away
under a wash of alcohol
so stinging
the flesh melted straight off my skin
my nostrils burned
until I was no more
but a withered soul
in the bottom
of one dirty bottle
set on a dusty shelf
never to be touched again.

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