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~More Broken That I'll Show~

August 23, 2016
By Serenity_Annagrett PLATINUM, East Sparta, Ohio
Serenity_Annagrett PLATINUM, East Sparta, Ohio
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Vanilla cupcakes are sweet so is life therefor life is a vanilla cupcake.

I try and act like I’ve moved on. But it was harder than I thought it’d be. I act like what he does doesn’t phase me. But honestly it really does. I thought I could be strong. But I was highly wrong. I thought I’d get over him. He’s toxic poison. He really get my blood boiling. How had he forgotten so fast? I wish my brain would quit dwelling on the past. I keep trying to jump this obstacle but it’s higher than I thought. I thought when I fell I broke my bones, but I didn’t. I have broken something bigger, something I thought was stronger than this. Something I could die without. So now I have no reason it live, not one at all. Would he even care? My brain is on overboard. These thoughts will drive me over the edge. But honestly I won’t care. I just want this pain to end. I keep reciting our conversations in my head. Just like a play, I can pretend to be what we were then. Pretty soon I’ll be dead. I swallowed too much of this poison. Im almost gone. And I’m more broken than I’ll ever show.

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Im in love with this poem i wrote awhile ago.

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