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"I Live for You"

September 15, 2016
By KittyKat1201 SILVER, Hoschton, Georgia
KittyKat1201 SILVER, Hoschton, Georgia
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You pull me closer in a warm embrace
Tears are running rapidly down your handsome face
Please stop, you are making my heart ache
What is the purpose of our meeting is this what they call fate?

A long five years that it had been
You have left me hurt, but it's ok, we all sin
Awkwardly staring in your eyes, I am thinking of what to say
I cannot help, but remember how close we were back in the day

The time that you have left me, it broke my heart
My heart was so shattered; I could not mend the parts
You were my life and you were my all
Or that was what I thought, but a new love stopped my fall

Even though you broke my heart and tore my soul
You have left me a life that again made me whole
I wake up every morning and work until midnight
to support and love my baby girl, who is now my life

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