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September 26, 2016
By Serenity_Annagrett PLATINUM, East Sparta, Ohio
Serenity_Annagrett PLATINUM, East Sparta, Ohio
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Vanilla cupcakes are sweet so is life therefor life is a vanilla cupcake.

Have you ever wondered about him
About how he is now
You had forgotten for a while
But as soon as you remembered, you smiled
Have you wondered if he thinks of you
How he used to be your glue
The one to keep you from falling apart
You still wonder how he's so smart
Then he seems to worm back into your life
And then you rememeber what he did to you, slicing through you like a knife.
But then somehow you fall in love again
And we thought the stupid ones were men
In reality we're all dumb when it comes to love
Because we think we found the one that fits like a glove

But then somehow you fall

And he never returns your calls

Then somehow you realize how stupid you were

But somehow we all fall for this mad game called love. 

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Written: 06/28/16

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