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Yes, I feel

October 12, 2016
By CarlyRae GOLD, Cambridge, Maryland
CarlyRae GOLD, Cambridge, Maryland
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We all carry these things inside us that no one else can see; they hold us down like anchors, they drown us out at sea.

Yes, I feel

but not in the way I desire

everyday is a perpetual downfall

while I mostly see a stereotypical black

at some hours I see light getting closer

only to be disappointed

as I turn my head

and stare down the same crack in my soul

I am aware that I am alive

inspite of feeling the opposite

my corpse has somewhat of

a mundane schedule

starting with my eyes

as they open up to my current condition


the same

in return my brain makes sense

of my first sight

reassuring me that

Yes, I feel

feel the dread of letting myself

fall asleep

knowing that the morning light

will only bring me to the same place

a down fall

I can feel cold

it floods my senses

and I can tell it's not just from

my ajar window

despite my thoughts

beseeching my own spirit

to believe otherwise


this is a bitter cold

a blade of frozen expressions

arctic poisoning

dripping little by little into my veins

accumulating just enough

to provide me with tortured dreams

of my seemingly unattainable lust

Yes, I feel

but what's the purpose of feeling

if all you chase after

is the feeling

to not feel



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