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Here's to Us (Here's to You, My Dearest)

November 24, 2016
By TheSortingHat SILVER, Waukee, Iowa
TheSortingHat SILVER, Waukee, Iowa
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So here’s to us
(Your eyes full of fire)
Writing our names
In the amaranthine sand

Here’s to us
(Kindred spirits united)
As we traverse with care
A gossamer land

Here’s to us
(And in another time)
To a hoped-for future
And forever bands

Here’s to us
(As the world crashes down)
Knowing in dreams
We had eternity planned

Here’s to us
(Love our only footprint)
Fingers clasped tight
As we make our final stand

Here’s to us
(Here’s to you, my dearest)
Falling past the horizon

(And still holding hands)

The author's comments:

or: i have too many poems from literally years ago, so maybe i'll upload some of them here,

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