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my guardian angel

December 4, 2016
By olamayai.sankara SILVER, Silver Spring, Maryland
olamayai.sankara SILVER, Silver Spring, Maryland
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A dark angel whispered to you one night
And forever stole your sight
Now you float in eternal darkness, stolen by death's kiss
Perhaps now heaven is your garden, and you rest in divine bliss
Perchance do you watch over me from a realm beyond my understanding ?
Then you would've seen me besides your grave...trembling, barely standing
My weakest moment, Tears leaving from my eyes like a waterfall
I never stopped to think perhaps you now dine with gods in clouded halls above us all
Maybe raindrops are your sorrowful tears
When you saw i haven't visited your grave once in all these years
Mother and I could never bring ourselves to go
Oh father how she misses you so
But if you truly watch from beyond our sight
You’ll know she's been strong, and I..well i've tried to be her light
In this darkness from which we all drown
She says i've inherited your pen and your crown
When you look at me now, do you see a mirror staring back
Those who knew you, say i'm your spitting image,even your poetry I have that same knack
My words ignite like fire from the flame of your soul
That flame still blazes, it's your legacy, all these years it's kept me whole
I hope you saw that letter I wrote to you when I was fourteen
The tenth anniversary of your passing, I poured my heart out but im sure youve seen
I burned that letter so it’d reach beyond life's touch
Sometimes I dream you responded a tiny message through the winds soft hush
I’ll meet you in eden once i've grown wings, but not so soon death won't catch me so fast
I swear to you right now i’ll move forward, let go of the solemn past
And while bound to to this world I promise i’ll  make you gleen with pride
So up there among the stars, among the gods continue to be my angelic guide

The author's comments:

This poem is written for my father who passed away when i was five 

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