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by a teenage virgin

November 28, 2016
By rainissa SILVER, Edmonds, Washington
rainissa SILVER, Edmonds, Washington
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I see your soul's silhouette in my mind;
It fills all unconsumed space
the way
the sphere of the sun
fills every crevice of sky.
I dream of kissing you;
If I ravish your body, will your soul come too?
Kiss your long lips
and trail
my touches to the corner of your red mouth,
Leaving shivers in my wake
like vibrating violin pizzicato,
to your jawline, soft battling sharp,
and cascade to your throat
Scent of skin and sweat
leave purple
bruises blooming like watercolor tattoos
on your pale skin,
skin that reddens in even a
mild sun,
a sun that
couldn't smolder hotter than my lips
Let my wrists
find your center,
fingers adventure along the grooves,
the mountain range of your ribcage.
Your body is my destination
And that black shirt begins to lift
up down up down
a tempting tide,
as my leather jacket
falls from my
left instantly
forgotten in a dusty heap
on the cold hard floor

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