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My Relationships

November 21, 2017
lifeishardbutbeautiful SILVER, Amanda, Ohio
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Be witty if you can, Be funny if you can, But be sexy at all times.

“She is the most beautiful person I have ever seen,” he thought.
“This is probably some kind of joke,” she reminded herself.
To her, he was just another one of the demons who wanted to shatter her heart.
She hadn’t always thought this way, she used to believe that love was real.
He kept trying and trying to show her that he was different.
She kept reminding herself of all the people that had battered and used her.
Then one day the young man gave up.
Months later the girl saw the young man with another girl.
She watched the way he treated the girl he was with.
Then she began crying, he really was different.
She had lost her chance to be truly loved.
She knew though, she would probably make the same mistake again.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this piece is actually what seems to be my inability to be able to see the real people that love me and my constant mistake of getting with trashy people.

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