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December 14, 2017
lifeishardbutbeautiful SILVER, Amanda, Ohio
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Tears, salty, tangy tears. Each one streaming down her caramel skin. Each one leaving a white salt trail in their wake.
    “I can’t do this anymore, no, I just can’t.” she barely breathed out from between her chapped lips.
The yelling, being ordered around, ignored unless work needs to be done. Then going to school and having people muttering names that she didn’t even know existed.  Everything she does is wrong.
    “I will never make that mistake again.” she seethed from between her clenched teeth.
    The mistake she made was one she made often. It was opening her heart to believe that she could be loved. And again her heart was shattered, the difference was this; she swept up the pieces but instead of piecing it back together she dumped the remains into the dark, burning abyss of Hell.
    Next time someone  tried to hurt her she would just look at them and slowly smile a wicked, broken smile and say,
    “ You can try, oh, you can try but you’re too late; I don’t feel anymore. My heart is gone, and with it went all my cares and feelings.”

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I hope you all find you can get some kind of comfort or help this.

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