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March 13, 2018
By mem228 DIAMOND, Attleboro, Massachusetts
mem228 DIAMOND, Attleboro, Massachusetts
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The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

I tell you that you are beautiful
with my eyes screaming at you,
but my mouth never moves in that direction.
You seem to notice me,
but you are the type of person
who makes everyone feel noticed.

You shove your humor down my throat
and rip the air from my lungs,
but my smile does not seem to mind.

Nothing makes my heart stop more
than the way your voice wraps around my name
and flows it over to me in song.
When your eyes meet mine, it is like
the ocean waves crash on a beach
that has too long known only the calm sky.

Paralyzing, you are.

You tell me that you have to go
with one foot tapping against the ground
and the other already out the door.
Maybe you are ready to pilot your plane to the future
but I am not ready to let you go just yet.

My addiction to you seems to come with no side effects.

If only I notice that you are running towards
the unseen beauty in some soul.
Maybe something will turn out different.

When everyone constantly tells you something,
it appears to not be heard.
But when I tell you that you are beautiful with everything
but what I say to you,
you appear to listen without even knowing you do.

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