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The Demon (A series of haiku)

March 11, 2021
By Anonymous

I have a demon.

She always gets what she wants...

and she wants me dead.


Don't know what I did

to start up her cruel attacks,

but I'm over them.


Always scratched and bruised.

Exhausted beyond measure.

She torments my soul.


I need this to stop.

She grows stronger, more violent.

Her goal? Kill me.


A fight to keep my

soul intact, but I just can't

fight her anymore.


Whispers grow louder,

like poison in my brain, they're

driving me insane.


I've foreseen my own

demise. It's unpleasant to

say the least. Save me.


You've arrived too late,

I've lost the final battle.

She has won. I'm gone.

The author's comments:

You can take this poem literally of figuratively. Either way, you're correct.

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