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Scars to Bend

February 14, 2020
By kayleebraines BRONZE, Ada, Oklahoma
kayleebraines BRONZE, Ada, Oklahoma
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      There was a girl, tall and frail

A skinny stick, and really pale

Bright pink breached her skin

In parallel lines, he counted to ten

      He asked her why and why again

Tears streaming now, because of him

He didnt understand, why she would

Soon enough he understood

      Every night she cried so much

Over the fault of their lust

She wished things were different everyday

She wrote him a note that would say,

      "I'm sorry and I know you love me

But this life just isn't for me

I wish you the best and best again

Trust me when I say, this is all because of them..."

The author's comments:

Im a very young person, who wishes to have a new life. I see a strange perspective on life, as my friends say. I want to have a dramatic change, and I want people to see my work.

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