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My own insecurity

February 2, 2010
By chelsea_emma818 SILVER, Drummond Island, Michigan
chelsea_emma818 SILVER, Drummond Island, Michigan
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Living without any sense of security
Bringing myself up just to fail miserably
You tell me it’s all my own fault
And that I need to grow up and act like an adult
I’m lacking more than just confidence
Losing my grip without your presence
Feeling more that just a mental attachment
My heart is broken; nothing you do can mend it
If I keep holding on the pain will only worsen
But if I give up I can never be happy again
Walking around with no expressions just raw emotion
All I have left in the world is this notebook and pen
You told me you’re done unless you see some changes
Nearing the last chapter of life, quickly turning my mangled pages
My perception of everything is lost
My willingness to move on without you is gone
You will make it through everything and be just fine
But if I said I needed you there would you really mind?
Would you be there for me through the thick and thin?
I know the true answer but refuse acceptance from within
I just can’t admit you would be better off without me
Because it’s not the way I want things to be
But I guess it’s over and there’s nothing more I can do
just know I won’t forget, and I will always be here waiting for you

The author's comments:
not all of the lines ryme perfectly but they make sense, really emotional poemmm. :)

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