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Now Your Gone

February 17, 2010
By chelsea_emma818 SILVER, Drummond Island, Michigan
chelsea_emma818 SILVER, Drummond Island, Michigan
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To me you used to mean everything
It started out stress free, something more than best friends
But soon happiness faded and good times became rare
The love we had disappeared and I surprisingly didn’t care
We fought from day until night
Everything little thing I did turned into a fight
Being with you is more of a problem than a pleasure
You were so self centered, and you will be that way forever
I want you gone and out of my life
I’ll do anything; I’m prepared to pay the price
I know when I tell you all of this
You wont stop calling, you’re gonna be pissed
But whatever it takes I will do
Just to make you see that I don’t need you
I can take care of myself
Most of all I don’t need your help
I know I’ll be better off and feel more at rest
A relationship with you isn’t what’s best
I wouldn’t want to lose you as a friend
Just know that there will never be an “us” again

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