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September 28, 2010
By catherinee. BRONZE, Houston, Texas
catherinee. BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Cold, the temperature of my skin.
Mess, something that I'm in.
Wrong, the stuff that I do,
when I should've just listened to you.
Dark, the shade of the sky.
Counting sheep to try to sleep at night.
Fast, the speed of the time passing by
But how do I make this right?
Sick, how I feel when I'm lost.
Now I have to pay the cost.
Wish, something I need right now.
White, the cotton ball clouds.
Bridge, I'm stepping over my fear.
Fear, I fear only you my dear.
Love, it's a natural instict inside,
a rollercoater you're afraid to ride.
Love, the feelings that I feel.
You, the only one to me that's real.

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