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Moving On

August 8, 2011
By smileyleah PLATINUM, West Des Moines, Iowa
smileyleah PLATINUM, West Des Moines, Iowa
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I waited and waited
For words that never came
I cannot force them but yet
You are the one to blame
For the hurt i received and
Tears that fell
All now a waste of time
That I will not forever dwell
You have not seen my true self
It was covered by the mask
Trying to be the perfect girlfriend
That was the intended task
All the nights I laid awake
Wishing for you near
My mind was clouded
But now I see clear
Those wishes I need no more
For now I am strong
Bet ya never thought that would happen
Or that you’d ever be in the wrong
I want you to be happy
That I hope you can see
But the special person out there
Sure in h**l is not me
I thought you would help
When you saw the pain
Yet you shrugged and moved on
As all my emotions drained
Maybe one day
The words I want will come out
But by then it will be too late
For my hearts on a different route

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