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Line Drive

April 16, 2013
By court_for_short GOLD, Portsmouth, Virginia
court_for_short GOLD, Portsmouth, Virginia
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I Love Him But I Don't Know Who Him Is Yet.

A line drive straight to the acrylic,
The hardened surface that held her image intact,
People surrounded while she they had to mimic,
The jeering and the laughter was all too much baggage to pack,

She dreamed of the day when her knight would ride in,
Ride in and save her from the wall she has built around her heart,
Only one noble enough to tear it down would be worthy of this win,
Her stomach in knots like an old fisherman's rope part,

The layers of her mask from every morning clogged her judgment,
The plaster attached to the tips of her fingers to hide her bad habit,
All there to hide the person she really was underneath her personal tent,
To block out the words of the unyielding rabbit,

Once upon a time and happily ever after are phrases used by the unknowing,
Things aren't always what they seem and are never what you want,
Don't anticipate a happy ending to this story that is flowing,
Because things are never what they seem and are never what you want.

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