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He isn't what i thought.

December 9, 2015
By AppleJacks_801 SILVER, West Valley, Utah
AppleJacks_801 SILVER, West Valley, Utah
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When I look into those blue eyes,
I sit and wonder why you had to lie?
You mean everything to me.
I gave you every bit of me.
I ask you about the past.
You sit there say it’s the past.
I ask about the future,
You ask what’s the future.
I sit there and look at you,
And ask myself do I really love you.
I try to show you I care.
And I don’t think you are aware.
What did I do to you?
Did I really hurt you?
I put everything to the side.
I let everything of anything slide.
You sit here and keep hurting me.
You don’t even care about me.
You are not the boy I know.
It must have all been a show.

The author's comments:

A boy I really cared about really hurt me. Told me he cared when he really didnt. Lied to me about everything, and when i found out i ignored it. He broke my heart. 

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