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Quite Awhile

July 30, 2016
By RhiannonH PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
RhiannonH PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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When life hands you lemons,make grape juice and then sit back and watch as the world wonders how you did it.

It's been quite a while
Since I've seen you last
And my heart longs
For the days of the past
When it was just me and you
When it was us against the world
When we were nothing more
Than just a boy and a girl
When your eyes were filled with hope
And your days filled with laughter
When candy and adventures
Were all you were after

But time passed by
And you were forced to grow up
You believed the worlds lies
You believed you weren't enough
That hope in your eyes?
It slowly died
When he ignored your cries
And threatened your life

It's been quite a while
Since I'd seen your face
light up in a smile
With its beautiful grace
You didn't do it often
But when you did
Your eyes got bright
Like a little kids
And when we said goodbye
You would always hold me tight
And tell me that you loved me
More than vampires loved the night

But time passed by
And your heart grew cold
Because she took her life
And you had no sister to hold
You started getting high
To take away the pain
But that only caused fights
And you were forced to move away

It's been quite a while
Since I've tasted your lips
I loved the way you kissed me
With your hands on my hips
You were always so gentle
Always so polite
You always took care of me
Even during our fights
We didn't have many
Only a few
And it was always because of me
It was never really you

But time passed by
And we fell apart
You left me on the dock
And took with you my heart
You moved to Michigan
I got in trouble
We didn't talk for two years
And I formed myself a bubble

It's been quite a while
Since I've heard your voice
It was deep but soft
It was a beautiful noise
When I would spend the night
You would sing me to sleep
They were silly little songs
But they helped me dream
And when I got angry
You would whisper in my ear
Your corny little jokes
And wipe away my tears

And time passed by
And you came back
You were so different
You changed so fast
Your guard was always up
You fell into a deep depression
And I was no longer enough
And all you ever did was run

It's been quite a while
Since I've seen you around
I miss you so much
Lately I've been so tightly wound
I cant say I didn't know
Because I saw the scars
The old and the new
All over your legs and arms
I just wish I could have been there
I know I could have stopped you
I wish I had known how bad it really was
But I don't think anyone knew

And though time will pass by
You will never be forgotten
You were such a big part od my life
You will never be replaced
And I hope you're looking down on me
And smiling
Because for you, Tristin,
I am trying.

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