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Patient Zero

July 26, 2021
By Anonymous

Was it only three weeks ago
we were dancing on the beach
not concerned with right or wrong
just sea and sand and being free
sweat on your tan skin
your lips on mine
we were young and it was summer
and we weren't scared to die

morning comes and I'm alone
machines blinking
back and forth in code
at my bedside
sits an angry ghost
all I want is to go home

I can see it in their hostile stares
they blame me for the crumbling sun
I'm on my knees, asking god, "why me?"
I never meant to hurt anyone
it's always someone else
you think this kinda thing happens to
but I guess I'm someone else
to you

endless nights and I'm alone
screaming that I'm sorry
hearing nothing but an echo
if I swear I learned from my mistakes
will you let me go back home

every morning waves of guilt
come crashing over me again
the machines start beeping louder
the white walls are closing in
the first stone lands beneath my window
and I pray for the end

a shadow appears and I'm not alone
the machines all hush
there's no blaring of a code
I swore I wasn't scared of the dark
but now I just don't know
I think i'm ready to go home

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