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Goodbye, My Dear Worst Friend

October 7, 2009
By littlemsawkward ELITE, Holbrook, Massachusetts
littlemsawkward ELITE, Holbrook, Massachusetts
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"To be great is to be misunderstood." ((Ralph Waldo Emerson))

Tried to save you from the fire
Douse the flames with tears
Freed the monsters from the closet
Yet you still existed in fear

So often I dragged you back from the depths
Kicking, flailing, fighting, screaming
Hope you'd wake up and smell the reality
Turns out I was the one who was dreaming.

You just took me for granted
Kicked me hadrer when I was down
But I'm sure you know it's all your fault
That I am no longer around

Treated me like less than crap
I know that eventually you'll pay
And I get sick twisted pleasure from the fact
That you'll be needing me someday

But I'm sorry to inform you
That much to your dismay
Didn't figure it'd be this easy
To simply walk away

Here's my closing statement
Not so sad to say "the end"
All I want to tell you is
Goodbye my dear worst friend.

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