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Fly Away

January 2, 2010
By songbird GOLD, Norwich, Vermont
songbird GOLD, Norwich, Vermont
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"He who chooses me must hazard all he hath"-William Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice

You say look at the sky, don’t you ever wanna fly away
But wouldn’t you rather stay on the ground
Might have trouble when you come down

Fly away, fly, fly with me
Come over the treetops, please try to see
Don’t you wanna be foot loose and free?
Come on, fly away with me

You always wanted
The life of the free
Look over the mountains
What do you see?
I see the clouds and
The heavens above
But I’m not gonna leave all the people I love

Fly away, fly, fly with me
Come to the heavens, what can it be?
Come on, settle down, and just let it be
Fly, fly, fly away with me

You keep on tellin’ me come on let’s try it
But whatever you say, I’m just gonna deny it
You can’t make me leave
My home in the hills
You know I have to strong, to strong of a will.

Why, why, why fly away
Are you not happy with the place that I’ll stay?
Please, please, don’t fly away
For once, please try, don’t fly away
But I know that you’ll
Fly, fly, fly, fly away
I know that you’ll never settle down to stay
Fly, fly, fly, fly away!
Come on, settle down to stay

Stay with me here, stay with me now
Now don’t you go tryin’, you’ll never come down
Fly, fly, fly away
Wouldn’t you rather stay on the ground?

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