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Please Don't Leave

February 5, 2012
By KityraAnderson PLATINUM, Mercer Island, Washington
KityraAnderson PLATINUM, Mercer Island, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
Nothing matters more than those who depend on you, emotionally or physically. Even if the situation is life or death, you have to be there for them, because they need you.

I think
I’ve grown up too much
For Daddy to think
I’m always his girl, but
He’s always been my world
I think
When he looks into my eyes
He doesn’t see the little girl
Who he held when she cried
(Chorus: Daddy, don’t leave me
I love you, please stay
I know you’re hurting
But don’t hurt me that way
Daddy, don’t leave me
I’m your little girl
Was it only yesterday we
Were best friends in the world?
I miss you, Daddy, please
Please don’t leave me)
I think
Now I’m thirteen
Now I’m growing up
Now I’m tough
I think
Now I’m more into
Guys and painting nails
He thinks I don’t need him
He thinks I don’t care
But somehow that bond should always be there
Overnight, I’ve grown
Someday, I’ll be grown up more
And someday you’ll be gone
And I’ll wish I had more
It’s hard to think that I’ll
Grow up someday
That I’ll lose you
Like I’ve lost you already
I cherished what I had
‘Cause no telling when it’s gone

The author's comments:
My biological father hasn't talked to me since before my birthday--October 31st. I guess I feel a little lost, because before, I was always Daddy's little girl, I was always Mommy's world...and now, Dad's bond with me has snapped, and Mom's overwhelming me...I feel like I've lost Daddy, and I just want him back, even if it's for a moment...
Inspired by Tim McGraw's My Little Girl and Heartland's I Loved Her First.

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