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January 4, 2013
By runner9090 SILVER, Valparaiso, Indiana
runner9090 SILVER, Valparaiso, Indiana
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I Loved you at your DARKEST - Romans 5:8

She’s sitting at the desk in the far back corner,
Chewing on her nails and twirling her hair.
She’s filling many notebooks with her thoughts,
The thoughts she’s too afraid to voice.
You judge by the little she lets you see,
You think you know all her fears and dreams.
You think she’s an open book but,
She hasn’t written a single word yet.
She’s trapped in the jail she made herself,
But when she breaks out, you will only see…

She’s a rebel, she’s a fighter
You’ll never meet one like her
She’ll hold your hand when you’re scared,
But isn’t afraid to rock your world
She’s dynamite, dangerous
You can’t control her, you don’t know her,
Not what she seems…
She’s not that innocent.

Years have passed and now there’s a spark in her eyes.
You can’t help but notice she stands a little straighter,
Speaks her thoughts a little more than before.
She makes you shine the spotlight on her.
You don’t know quite what to think,
She’s just changing so quickly.
You try to stop her, it’s not possible,
Like trying to keep the sun from shining.
Might as well just stop trying, she’s too far gone.
She’s in the driver’s seat now, you’d better watch out.
Soon you have to face the fact that…


Your little girl is all grown up now,
She has taken charge of her own destiny.
She no longer lets you stop her from being her.
She’s no longer hiding, afraid of you.
Instead she’s screaming, lashing out at you,
starting to run her mouth, have an attitude.
You have no clue what has happened,
you can’t tell where the time went.
You’re stuck wondering where that sweet little girl went.
All you know is she used to be so invisible.
All you know is she used to be so innocent….

The author's comments:
She was once such an innocent little girl look what you have done.

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