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May 4, 2013
By Brittany-NamedTheFluffMastahNumber2 GOLD, Milford, Connecticut
Brittany-NamedTheFluffMastahNumber2 GOLD, Milford, Connecticut
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Verse 1:
Can't forget the past
All the hard times we had
I'm trying to forget
But I'm too filled with regrets
Wishing I had treated you right
Actually acknowledged you getting home from work at night
But the clock ticks in my head
Warning me I'm running outta time
Gotta try something new instead
I've gotta make things right
Cause I don't wanna say I should have
And I just wanna do it
Cause I don't wanna see you dance
With any other then me
I'll try to be

Better then before
Try making sure
You don't walk out the door
So I won't hurt you anymore
Wanna have you close
Wanna know you'll never go
But I have to do my part
And hold you close to my heart
In the end
I don't wanna have regrets

Verse 2:
Midnight walkin' on the beach
Hand-in-hand, your eyes on me
Footprints left behind
They'll leave come high tide
And you always knew what I liked
You were the perfect guy
So I gave love a try
Just gotta keep you with me all the time
I don't wanna know
If you wanna stay or go
I'm just scared to hear the truth
Cause I still love you
I'll try to be

Chorus: x2

Cause you were all I need
Still everything to me
You were the light from above
Rays of love
And I shouldn't have been so selfish
I promise I'll change
You're worth it, you're worth it
I gotta change
I gotta be

Chorus: x2

Bridge: x1

Verse 2: x1

Chorus: x1

Heart thumping on my chest
Love trying to run away too fast
You knew me the best
And I don't wanna regret it if
You aren't coming back
Wish it was all in my head
Instead, I should've said
I'm changing starting today
And all the days to come
Cause now I know you're my only one
In the end
I don't want any regrets

The author's comments:
This is about a girl that loves a man and she keeps hurting him accidentally, but she wants to try making it right. When it says the footprints will wash away come high tide, it signifies their love fading. Still, the girl doesn't want to regret hurting the guy, because she cares about him.

It might seem pretty long, but that's because it's a rap song.

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