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May 4, 2013
By Brittany-NamedTheFluffMastahNumber2 GOLD, Milford, Connecticut
Brittany-NamedTheFluffMastahNumber2 GOLD, Milford, Connecticut
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Verse 1:
All I ever try to do is smile a little
Be nicer than most people are
Message just got through to me
Reality rushed in
I try to make you happy
But you're always disappointed

Try, try, try to make you smile
I, I, I don't wanna see you cry
All these years I've loved you
All the good things we've been through
It's all ended
Cause you're always disappointed

Verse 2:
I think you don't know
How much I mean to you
I don't think you see
For you I'd do anything

Chorus: x2

And I'm taking it hard
With you away
Beat of my heart
Barely beating
And I can't breathe lately

Verse 1: x1

Verse 2: x1

Chorus: x1

Always upset, always upset
Always disappointed

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