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5 Minutes

November 10, 2013
By RaisaMiri SILVER, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
RaisaMiri SILVER, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
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"Do not try. Do or do not. There is no try." ~ Yoda

Five minutes is all it took
With a little smile and a friendly look
In that time, we were best friends
It was something that could never end
It didn't matter that you lived far away
'Cause for us, that wasn't important to say

Five minutes was all it took
Sitting alone one day on Facebook
I typed your name into the message box
But then I stopped, maybe you'd blow me off
I couldn't bring myself to just say 'hi'
And now I'm asking myself why, God, why?

Why couldn't I have just said hello?
Why'd I have to leave it at goodbye?
Why'd I have to let you go?
Now I'm stuck asking myself why
Five minutes was all it took
But I threw it away without a second look

Five minutes was all it took
Crying alone, I could hardly look
It took so long for it to sink in
That I would never see you again
Five minutes for a friend to break the news
But I couldn't believe it was you I had to lose

Why, God, why did he have to die?
My best friend, so full of life
It wasn't right
All those minutes I threw away
I spend thinking of him now everyday
Five minutes for God to call him home
But by then I was already alone

The author's comments:
For my friend...keep an eye on us, Mike <3

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